THE System Your Company Needs to Get Back to Work

Let us introduce you to the temperature verifying, mask identifying, personnel management solution every organization needs to welcome guests and employees into the office, safely. 

With stay-at-home orders lifting, preparations are in full swing to reopen offices and public places.  Even as everyone gets back to old routines, precautions will still be in place to continue to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfects are all top-of-mind supplies needed to help keep everyone safe, but have you considered your visitor check-in system? 

The Temperature Verifying, Mask Identifying, Personnel Management Solution

Meridian Personnel Management Solution
The Meridian Temperature Verifying Personnel Management Solution

The Meridian Personnel Management Solution upgrades a typical guest check-in system to include health checks.  And during these times, we all can utilize any tool to ensure the safety and health of each other.  The self-serve kiosk features:

  • Temperature verification
  • Facial recognition
  • Mask identification

In seconds, the quickly scan for those features creating a peace of mind in when reopening offices.  In addition, the solution is antimicrobial, flexible with both countertop and freestanding configurations and secure with alarm capabilities. 

Everything You Need to Know

What is included? Pedestal, tablet, software, warranty

How difficult is it to set up? Very easy to set up with just a few clicks. Integration with directories is possible.

What type of indicators does it provide? Visual and Audio alerts are available and customizable. The LED visual indicates a green light if an individual is within the temperature and face mask thresholds and a red light indicates when an individual does not meet the acceptable thresholds.  

See the solution in action and answer more FAQs here.

Easily install or replace an existing check-in personnel management system with this innovative platform placing health and safety at the forefront.  If interested in more information, or a quote, then please contact us and we will get you in touch with a rep. 



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