Procurement Contracts

By working with varying types and sizes of organizations, Brite understands and can assist in any unique purchasing need. From contract vehicles to grant information, Brite is here to simplify the buying process.

State Contracts

Brite is proud to be a part of many state contracts and group purchasing agreements by holding our own contracts or being a named reseller on a partner’s contract.

Brite’s (Upstate Wholesale Supply Inc.) GSA Offerings

Brite’s North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association Cooperative Bid Awards and Schedules

COSTARS – Contract #003-024 and #003-094

Cradlepoint NASPO – Contract #AR3189

Getac’s NC State Term Contract #204B

Getac’s NYS OGS – Contract #PM68148

Getac’s Sourcewell – Contract #090122-GET

GetWireless’ GSA – Contract#GS-35F-0110U 

Lenovo Texas DIR – Contract #DIR-CPO-4840

HP NIPA/TCPN – Contract #R160203

Synnex’s NCPA – Contract #01-97 (replaced Contract #01-65 as of 10/1/2019)

Synnex’s GSA – Contract #GS-35F-0143R

Synnex’s Ohio State STS Contract – Contract #643604

Texas DIR – Contract #DIR-TSO-4073

USDA Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program

Leasing Information

Brite offers multiple financing options to help organizations receive new technology when they need it.

Lenovo Financial Services – LFS works with businesses, non-profit organizations, governments, and educational institutions to finance their entire technology solution.

Government Capital – GCC specializes in public financing, working with municipalities, counties, schools (K-12 and higher ed), hospitals, fire protection and 911 districts, volunteer fire departments, and economic development corporations.

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