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to Managed Security Services

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Organizations are forced to invest in too many tools which generates an unmanageable amount of data and noise. Brite’s managed SOC and XDR platform leverages your existing tools for actionable results.

Let Brite’s MSP support your organization with appropriate automation, 24/7 eyes-on-glass, incident detection, investigation and response.

Request a Free Security Assessment

How secure is your environment?

Take a 360 degree look at your current security posture, mapped against a relevant framework (like CIS Critical Controls, ISO 27001, etc.) through an interview style evaluation. Each compensating control area is then scored and ranked based on importance to the overall organization and an actionable plan is created.

Reduce Mean Time to Detection and Response
With BriteProtect Managed Security Services


Enhance Organizational Security

By collecting all the right data and detecting the true threats, our analysts are able to proactively investigate important incidents to ensure an immediate response, mitigating the effects of an attack.

Improve Risk Management

BriteProtect collects, normalizes and correlates disparate information from all security and network tools to determine the true risk before an incident occurs. This risk-based insight is then used to prioritize proactive threat hunting and remediation actions.

Optimize Orchestration & Automation

BriteProtect delivers tool orchestration to improve detection, automate response and extend the value of existing investments. Elevate the organizations’ security posture by enabling security tools to share critical information and work more efficiently.

Accessible Co-Managed Platform

The BriteProtect services include an easy to use powerful platform that provides a detailed view of the health and security of your network. This live platform and all of the powerful capabilities are available through the co-managed platform.

Extensive Reporting

BriteProtect shortens and simplifies the compliance process with out-of-the-box reporting that aligns with common cybersecurity regulations. Additionally, create customized reporting and KPI dashboards easily to meet the specific needs of the organization.

How Brite Does It

Hire brilliant people that understand the big picture by analyzing each individual piece of information.

Inspect every process to constantly improve effectiveness and efficiency, adding human inspected automation whenever possible.

Invest in leading technology to correlate logs from disparate systems and paint a complete picture of what is happening inside your environment.

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