Brite Spotlight: Meet Dan, Network Operations Specialist

A major component of our managed IT service solution – BriteStar – is our Network Operations Center (NOC) team. The NOC team are the integral people in BriteStar’s superior combination of people, process and technology. While customers most likely interact with our NOC team from a help desk perspective  (i.e. calling in when you or someone on the team needs IT help) the team plays a much broader role in front line, proactive and strategic support.

To highlight the vast array of talent and roles in our NOC, we would like to introduce you to a member of the team, Dan, who kindly answered some questions about his role.  So, without further ado let’s get to know Dan!

A brief overview of your job as Network Operations Specialist.

I am a Network Operations Specialist and am involved in a few different areas in the NOC. I assist with responding to our incoming tickets as well as perform proactive maintenances and maintain customer relationships. I have been with Brite for almost two and a half years, starting in our RMA department and moving into the NOC after one year.

What is a NOC?

A NOC is a Network Operations Center where a team of individuals are working together to minimize downtime for our client’s IT infrastructure and userbase. We spend our time responding in real-time to IT/computer issues, maintaining servers and infrastructure, and integrating all aspects of technology into a company’s day-to-day operation.

What are 5 daily tasks you do as a NOC Specialist?

-Responding to incoming tickets when our other technicians are tied-up, whether this be via phone or email

-Handling escalation requests from our technicians who need higher-level support or elevated permissions

-Responding to customer outages. This may be a server that went down or a third-party outage.

-MBRs (Monthly Business Reviews) for our customers. I have a client-base for which I review their infrastructure and keep them up to date on any changes or remediations that need to take place.

-Implementing and discussing new technology. We spend time each week discussing new technology and software that can benefit our customers.

What is your favorite part about being a NOC Specialist (at Brite)?

The fast-paced environment. There is always more to learn every day when things are moving fast in the world of IT.

What 3 words would you use to describe your job?

Fast, Detailed, and Challenging

What kinds of security risks are you seeing?

Many risks nowadays are through email. Especially during these times, many “bad-actors” try to take advantage through malicious email links or executables. Often, they are posing as a colleague or someone you communicate with regularly. Luckily, we have technology in place to limit these interactions, but some of it is left up to the end-user.

Have you ever caught any malicious software in progress?

Luckily, I have never caught any malicious software in progress. But almost every day our Anti-Virus programs and portals are catching malicious software that makes its way to computers. Most of the time this software is caught before anything happens.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about working in a NOC?

The biggest misconception about working in a NOC is that it is just a help desk. While we do have technicians who are focused on responding to daily issues, there are many tasks within IT that require more than reactive resolutions. We need to plan for future technology implementation, maintain an up-to-date physical and virtual infrastructure, and make sure our clients are taken care of in every aspect of their technology needs.

Huge thanks to Dan for sharing some behind the scenes of his role! Curious about other roles in our NOC? Meet Jess, one of Brite’s Network Administrators in her blog here! 

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