A Prevention Strategy Against Lateral Movement

Once the inevitable breach has occured, preventing the spread is very challenging. You are only as strong as your weakest link, or, in the data center world, you are only as secure as the most vulnerable application. Data center micro-segmentation prevents unwanted east-west traffic to protect critical applications and workloads.

Network Traffic Micro-Segmentation in Three Easy Steps

Integration between business units has greatly improved productivity. However, the increase in information sharing has created a multitude of new attack vectors.  The more systems that communicate with each other, the more potential for intruders to easily move throughout a virtual environment.

Create a secure micro-segmentation strategy with three easy steps and limit the impact of the breach: Identify, Control and Enforce.


Identify all network traffic through real-time application dependency maps.


Create access rules to ensure critical applications are only being accessed when necessary.


Build enforcement rules to automatically stop unapproved access from critical applications.

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