Public Safety Grants

Technology-related purchases don’t always fit into the fiscal budget; nevertheless, innovative technologies provide tremendous benefits in aiding officers in keeping communities safe.  Grants are a unique situation to get additional funding for resources in relation to specific projects and often are how departments are able to acquire critical technology upgrades.  See how the below grants can support your department’s needs.

Current Popular Grants

 SFY 2020-21 LIVESCAN Equipment Program 


Grant Closes: October 2nd | More Information


The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) seeks proposals for grants to fund the purchase of Livescan fingerprint processing equipment. Approximately $2.8 million in federal funds will be made available to law enforcement agencies as described below. There is a required 25% match for grants funded through this Request for Proposals (RFP), which acknowledges the shared benefit and responsibility local agencies have related to this critical law enforcement function. 


All local law enforcement agencies from jurisdictions with populations of less than two million are eligible to apply. Prior applicants and awardees may apply. Please see Section II (C) on of this RFP for additional eligibility information. 

Brite is proud to sell the HID Crossmatch Scanners, which are eligible for this funding.

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program Fiscal Year 2020 Local Formula Solicitation


Grant Closes: August 19th | More Information


The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program is the primary provider of federal criminal justice funding to states and units of local government. BJA will award JAG Program funds to eligible units of local government as described in this FY 2020 JAG Program Local Solicitation (a separate solicitation was issued for states). In general, JAG funds awarded to a unit of local government under this FY 2020 solicitation may be used to provide additional personnel, equipment, supplies, contractual support, training, technical assistance, and information systems for criminal justice.


 By law, for purposes of the JAG Program, the term “units of local government” includes a town, township, village, parish, city, county, borough, or other general purpose political subdivision of a state; or, it may be a federally recognized Indian tribal government that performs law enforcement functions (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior). A unit of local government also may be any law enforcement district or judicial enforcement district established under applicable state law with authority to independently establish a budget and impose taxes; for example, in Louisiana, a unit of local government means a district attorney or parish sheriff. 

FY 2020 Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program to Support Law Enforcement Agencies


Grant Closes: May 5th | More Information

Overview: The purpose of this opportunity is to fund the purchase of body-worn cameras (BWC) that are implemented as part of comprehensive BWC programs. Funding under this program supports agencies seeking to establish or expand comprehensive BWC programs and have specified plans to implement this technology in a manner that maximizes the benefits of BWCs. As part of their submission, applicants must describe a deliberate and phased plan to deploy this technology, as well as specific ways it will be used to enhance the applicant agency’s mission. Up to $2,000 per camera can be requested.

Eligibility: Agencies seeking to purchase to support pilots, establish or expand BWC programs (Can apply individually or in partnership with other agencies)   Correctional facilities can apply if they perform law enforcement functions as part of their regular duties that are supported by public funding. 


On-demand content on BWC grant –View here

April 22nd at 1PM ET – Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is hosting a webinar to review the 2020 solicitation guidelines, provide a detailed explanation of the application requirements and answer specific questions. Register Here

Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program


Grant Closes: May 29th | More Information

Overview: The Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program will provide funding to assist eligible states, local units of government, and tribes in preventing, preparing for, and responding to the coronavirus. Allowable projects and purchases include, but are not limited to, overtime, equipment (including law enforcement and medical personal protective equipment), hiring, supplies (such as gloves, masks, sanitizer), training, travel expenses, and addressing the medical needs of inmates in state, local, and tribal prisons, jails, and detention centers.

Eligibility: States, U.S. Territories, the District of Columbia, units of local government, and federally recognized tribal governments that were identified as eligible for funding under the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 State and Local Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program are eligible to apply under the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program solicitation.

FY 2020 Innovative Prosecution Solutions for Combatting Violent Crime


Grant Closes: June 8th | More Information

Overview: The purpose of this program is to provide state, local, and tribal prosecutors with information, resources, and training and technical assistance (TTA) to develop effective strategies and programs to address and prosecute individuals who commit violent. IPS supports the use of technology, intelligence, and data analytics in innovative ways that enable prosecutors to focus resources on the people and places associated with high concentrations of criminal activity.

Eligibility: State and local prosecutorial agencies, federally recognized Indian tribal governments that perform prosecution functions and tribal consortia consisting of two or more federally recognized Indian tribes.

FY 2020 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) Grant Program 


Grant Closes: May 29th | More Information

Overview: The objectives of the TVTP Grant Program align to objectives in Goal 3 of the Strategic Framework. The primary objectives of Goal 3 addressed by the TVTP Grant Program are: 

  • Strengthen societal resistance against the drivers of violent extremism and ensure broad awareness of the threat of terrorism and targeted violence. 
  • Counter terrorists and violent extremists’ influence online. 
  • Develop prevention frameworks with SLTT partners to enhance their ability to identify and respond to individuals at risk of mobilizing to violence. 
  • Develop and implement recidivism reduction programming to address individuals convicted of crimes related to terrorism and targeted violence. 

Eligibility: State and local prosecutorial agencies, federally recognized Indian tribal governments that perform prosecution functions and tribal consortia consisting of two or more federally recognized Indian tribes.

Communities Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program


More Information

Overview:This program provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas. An essential community facility is defined as a facility that provides an essential service to the local community for the orderly development of the community in a primarily rural area, and does not include private, commercial or business undertakings. Funds can be used to purchase, construct, and / or improve essential community facilities, purchase equipment and pay related project expenses.

Eligibility:Rural areas including cities, villages, townships and towns including Federally Recognized Tribal Lands with no more than 20,000 residents according to the latest U.S. Census Data are eligible for this program.

The Brite Advantage

Our certified engineers and experienced public safety sales professionals will take the time to understand your agencies needs and match those unique needs with our industry-leading partners’ solutions, managed services and IT services. We then take it a step further to help your department integrate tools together for a complete solution.

Once you have selected a solution, our engineers will assist in the implementation and support of the product long after the sale. Brite is here to support your department throughout the life of your purchase.

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