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Enhanced Organizational Security

By collecting all the right data and detecting the true threats, our analysts are able to proactively investigate important incidents to  ensure an immediate response, mitigating the affects of an attack.

Improved Risk Management

BriteProtect collects, normalizes and correlates disparate information from all security and network tools to determine the true risk before an incident occurs. This risk-based insight is then used to prioritize proactive threat hunting and remediation actions.

Optimize Orchestration & Automation

BriteProtect delivers tool orchestration to improve detection, automate response and extend the value of existing investments. Elevate the organizations’ security posture by enabling security tools to share critical information and work more efficiently.

Accessible Co-Managed Platform

The BriteProtect services include an easy to use, powerful platform that provides a detailed view of the health and security of your network. This live platform and all of the powerful capabilities are available through the co-managed platform.

Extensive Reporting

BriteProtect shortens and simplifies the compliance process with out-of-the-box reporting that aligns  with common cybersecurity regulations. Additionally, customized reporting and KPI dashboards can easily be created to meet the specific needs of the organization.

NextGen Security Operations Platform Abilities

Monitoring and Investigation

Monitoring and Investigation Dashboard Image

Raw data from an extensive set of third-party tools is processed, normalized, correlated and mapped against the cybersecurity kill chain. Critical threats are then easily isolated to prioritize investigation in a co-managed platform.

NextGen SIEM (XDR)

NextGen SIEM Dashboard

XDR fundamentally redefines threat detection and response, creating a NextGen SIEM experience. It automatically collects, normalizes and correlates all security data from multiple sources into a single platform. Furthermore, it leverages the security tools to automate immediate response.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting Library

A vast library of pre-built threat hunting apps provide immediate visibility into activities, actions and vulnerabilities across the entire network. Further investigations are easily completed through advanced filtering, searching, reporting and custom dashboards.

User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics Dashboard

Obtain full visibility of user activity and track threats by user instead of type. Then, the system assigns users a risk score to easily identify at-risk individuals for simplified monitoring and protection.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Dashboard

BriteProtect evaluates the assets within the environment, identifies the vulnerabilities and provides detailed risk scores. Vulnerabilities are correlated with events to monitor high risk assets and potentially malicious activities to enhance playbook actions.

Network Security

Network Security Dashboard

Truly protect your organization from the inside out with industry-leading, NextGen firewall and web security technology expertly managed, monitored and tuned by the Brite team.

Endpoint Protection

End Point Protection Dashboard

Proactively protect your most vulnerable assets against known and unknown threats through fully managed next generation endpoint protection, real-time detection and response platforms.

BriteProtect's SaaS Methodology

Continuously monitoring, managing and responding to security alerts is tedious, leading to missed critical events and ultimately employee fatigue. Organizations need proactive monitoring and swift response, but these are typically unobtainable since existing internal resources are already spread thin.

Employee burnout, event blind spots and sub-par response times cannot be improved without adding orchestration of security tools and automation of tasks.

BriteProtect solves these challenges with comprehensive managed security services built from decades of cybersecurity experience spanning diverse verticals. Now, organizations can leverage existing security tools by partnering with Brite’s team utilizing new, next generation technology to elevate its security posture and better utilize internal resources.

Collect graphic

Collect the Right Data

Data collection and processing are at the core of BriteProtect’s open XDR platform. Gone are the struggles of having too much data, not enough data or no context for data. The data record is normalized, reduced and enriched with other telemetry giving context to what is actually occurring.

Detect the Real Threats

Powerful open XDR provides over 50,000 detections for known and unknown behaviors. These detections are mapped to the cybersecurity kill chain to act as an early warning detection system.

Detect Graphic
Investigate Graphic

Investigate the Problem

Threat hunting is critical in cybersecurity operations and a key part of the BriteProtect approach. The Brite team proactively searches through rich datasets looking for malicious activity. Once detected, analysts respond and generate communication alerts based on predetermined playbooks.

Immediate Response

BriteProtect provides automatic, predetermined event response capabilities that include creating a ticket, triggering an alert or automating response actions. Additional capabilities are possible when existing security tools (firewall, endpoints, etc) are integrated for an orchestrated response.

Respond Graphic

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